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Key Largo Fisheries

Dockside Cakes

Dockside Cakes

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First baked in 1978 at Ocean Reef in Key Largo & sold at the local Dockside Market, Dockside Cakes has been transporting our tastebuds to the FL Keys for almost 50 years!

Made with fresh ingredients, these moist cakes are the perfect addition to our collection of sweet treats that taste like a tropical getaway! 

Key Largo Lemon 24 oz. 

"Sunny lemon is the key to this delicate, yet fabulously rich cake. Brightened with 100% real lemon juice, moistened with lemon pudding and finished with a sugary lemon glaze, our Key Largo Lemon Cake is as luscious as a tropical sunset."

Honeybell Orange Mini Cake 4 oz. 

"As refreshing as a glass of fresh squeezed pure Florida sunshine! Our moist vanilla cake batter is blended with the sweet, flavor of genuine juice from grove fresh Honeybell Tangelos. Light and citrusy, each golden slice of cake glows as bright as a warm island sunset. Garnish with a twist of orange to showcase this cake's brilliant color."

Chocolate Chip Mini Cake 4 oz. 

"A classic chocolate vanilla combination with the same moistness that is found in all our cakes. Loaded with plenty of real gourmet chocolate chips makes this cake a favorite."

Key Lime Mini Cake 4 oz. 

"The perfect balance between sweet and tart makes this luscious moist cake our original recipe and best seller. Created over 30 years ago this cake is filled with 100% all Natural Key Lime juice. This beautiful cake will certainly be enjoyed by anyone who receives it. A Dockside Key Lime Cake will take you to the tropics any time of the year."



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