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Key Largo Fisheries

Whole Lobster, Fresh 1-1.5 lb

Whole Lobster, Fresh 1-1.5 lb

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Sold by the Whole Lobster, 1-1.5 lb. each

Florida Lobster meat has a firm texture and can be broiled, boiled, grilled, or fried, just add some butter & seasoning for a flavorful South Florida delicacy. There's nothing better!

Our fresh lobsters are harvested the day before you get them. Fresh lobster should be cooked within 24 hours of receiving to prevent their meat from turning grey due to oxidation of the lobster blood.

Florida Spiny Lobster, also known as Caribbean Lobster, is a crustacean related to crabs, shrimp, and crayfish. Spiny lobsters are known for the numerous spines on their bodies. Unlike Maine lobsters, spiny lobsters house most of their meat in their tails. Florida's Spiny Lobster season is from August to the end of March. The lobsters are harvested off the Florida coast & the Florida Keys in 6-300 feet of water. 



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