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Key Largo Fisheries

Stone Crab Claws - Large

Stone Crab Claws - Large

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Sold in 3lb. Increments

4-6 Claws Per Pound

Large Size Claws - Appetizer/Entrée


The best stone crab claws come from the Florida Keys!

Savor the succulent taste of Florida Stone Crab claws; harvested daily & brought straight to our dock, we ship our fresh stone crab claws directly to your door, it doesn’t get any fresher than this!*

Enjoy the subtle sweetness & tender meat of our fresh large-sized crab claws. Serve them as an appetizer or dinner, they're the perfect way to impress friends and family! Delivered to you fully cooked, enjoy an unforgettable taste of the Florida Keys with every delicious bite!

*Please note that stone crab season is open from October 15th to May 1st of every year. During off season, we ship "re-freshed" stone crab claws. Re-freshed means we take our freshly frozen claws, and slow thaw them to replicate the perfect flavor & texture of fresh stone crab claws. 

Fun Facts about our claws!

  • Stone Crab Claws are wild-caught and cooked as soon as they arrive at the dock.
  • Stone crabs are returned to the water & regrow their claws once removed. This makes it a delicious 100% sustainable food source!
  • We source our claws from the pristine coastal waters of Florida.
  • Stone crab season is from October 15th to May 1st of every year. 
  • Our fresh claws are good in the refrigerator for 3-5 days after receipt. If they go directly into the freezer, they can be stored for months. 


        We hope you enjoy our fresh stone crab claws, they are a treasured staple & delicacy of South Florida. Our claws are fully cooked, & ready to be cracked open!

        Delivered to you chilled, enjoy with our signature Mustard Sauce!  


        If you prefer them heated; before cracking the claws, a quick dip (no more than a minute) in boiling water will bring them up to temperature. Dip your warm claws in one of our Gourmet Butters for extra flavor!

        Cracking Instructions

        To crack them open you can purchase our Stone Crab Cracker or do it yourself in a few easy steps!

        1. Use the BACK of a large butter knife or a mallet to hit the claw on a cutting board.
        2. If you want, cover the claws with a kitchen towel.
        3. Hit the claw 2-3 times with the same motion/force as if you are hammering a nail into wood.
        4. Target the center of the claw, and the attached knuckles. Be sure not to over crack the claws. 
        5. Enjoy!

        Stone crab claws are delicious on their own, dipped in mustard sauce/butter, or in any dish!

        Visit our FAQ page for more information.

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