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Key Largo Fisheries

Yellowtail Snapper Fillet

Yellowtail Snapper Fillet

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This Florida Keys delicacy ranges from 1-2 pounds in size and is a locals favorite. Priced by the pound.

Yellowtail Snapper is light and flaky in texture and is great broiled or pan fried.

Yellowtail Snapper is a popular game fish caught by numerous fishing enthusiasts. And it’s also a very popular food item amongst many Floridians. Similar to red snapper, yellowtail snapper filet has a mild flavor and firm flesh. It also has a flavor similar to swordfish and grouper, making it a more economical choice for many culinary chefs. Due to these flavor and economic characteristics, yellowtail snapper filet is highly-prized by countless South Floridians. And when they go to purchase their yellowtail snapper, they always come to Key Largo Fisheries.

Here at Key Largo Fisheries, our whole yellowtail snappers are unequal in quality and are sold at an affordable price. In fact, we can guarantee that you won’t find any quality whole yellowtail snappers sold anywhere else for a good rate.

How to Fillet Yellowtail Snapper

As is the case when you’re filleting any fish, always make sure that you have the proper counter space, a good-sized cutting board, and a flexible fillet knife. You may also want to be near a faucet so that you can rise any extra fish juices away.

Place the whole yellowtail snapper on the cutting board sideways. With the spine of the whole yellowtail snapper facing you, and with your hand placed firmly on the fish, take your fillet knife and begin making an incision on the backbone – from tail to head. When you make the incision, only insert about an inch of the blade into the snapper and glide the knife slowly across, keeping it as close to the bone as possible.

You’ll want to keep the blade close to the bone so that you don’t waste any of the meat. Once your blade reaches the head, reinsert your blade at the tail end and glide the knife across the backbone again.

Keep doing this for both sides of the fish until you have two yellowtail snapper filets. After you fillet the fish, both of your yellowtail snapper filets should have enough meat to provide for the proper servings.

Contact Key Largo Fisheries Today For The Freshest Whole Yellowtail Around

If you are looking for the best yellowtail filet around in Key Largo, then look no further than Key Largo Fisheries. Key Largo Fisheries is the ideal location where you can purchase only the best yellowtail snapper filet. In fact, we’re sought by so many Floridians for our exceptional whole yellowtail snappers. And we’re more than confident that when you buy your whole yellowtail snapper from us, you’ll be more than satisfied with the quality of your product. For any inquiries, you may call us at 800-432-4358 or visit our contact page.

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