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Key Largo Fisheries

Gourmet Butter

Gourmet Butter

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Made fresh weekly, Cow's Rule Gourmet Butter is the perfect addition to your seafood dishes & more! 

Garlic & Sea Salt:

For the garlic lover! Made with fresh cream butter, crushed raw garlic, & flakes of sea salt. An excellent dipping butter for all your fresh seafood. You can sauté shrimp, or pour over clams & mussels. This butter tastes delicious on freshly baked bread too!

Key Lime Butter:

Made with real key lime juice, lime zest, & wildflower honey! You can sauté your fresh fish, & shrimp in this butter, or use as dipping butter for your seafood.  

Keys Bay Blend:

Great for dipping any seafood! Made with fresh cream butter, lemon juice, paprika, celery salt, bay leaf, mustard, black/red pepper, & lemon zest. All your favorite seafood seasonings in one delicious butter. 

Scampi Butter:

Made with crushed raw garlic, lemon juice, shallots, white wine, red pepper flakes, & lemon zest. The scampi butter not only goes well with shrimp but add it to your chicken, veggies, & more! For a quick meal, sauté your shrimp in the scampi butter & serve over pasta. 

Garlic & Herb:

Made with fresh cream butter, crushed garlic cloves, basil, parsley, & chives. This versatile butter can be paired with seafood or on steak, baked potatoes, and of course freshly baked bread!

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